Stamford 375 Years Strong


Schedule of Events

Dear Friends,

As the city of Stamford embarks on a yearlong Celebration of its 375th Anniversary, it is with pride and pleasure that I invite you to join in the many activities planned for this special occasion.

There is much to recognize and celebrate about Stamford. It is a city that excels in its diversity, its commerce, its education, its arts and culture, and its history. This history, the focus of our tribute, is replete with people and events that have shaped our community: who we are, what we stand for, where we aim to be, and how we can achieve equality, freedom, and success for all our citizens.

As a result of our past, we are now poised to make Stamford an extraordinary city. I encourage you to participate in the commemoration of our city’s heritage. CELEBRATE OUR PAST…REJOICE IN OUR PRESENT…IMAGINE OUR FUTURE.

Many thanks are due all the organizations and volunteers working together to ensure the success of this endeavor.

Mayor David Martin


Download the print brochure (pdf) here.